Balanced error sampling : with applications to ocean biogeochemical sampling

Balanced error sampling : with applications to ocean biogeochemical sampling

Auteur(s) Daniel Davis (Auteur), Catherine Goyet (Auteur)
Date de parution : 21/10/2021
Collection(s) Etudes

Quatrième de couverture :

Balanced Error Sampling

With Applications to Ocean Biogeochemical Sampling

This book presents fundamental concepts, theorems, methods, and algorithms for practical environmental sampling given various constraints (sample size, number of samples, etc.) and the expected variability of the studied property. Several applications illustrate the general usefulness of these results. For example, in situ Ocean data are used to show how to design a non-evenly spaced sampling pattern throughout a water column, in order to achieve a desired interpolation accuracy, using Lagrange interpolation.

By adopting a rigorous mathematical approach to sampling this work sheds light on what was often intuitively done until now. It offers a new mode of sampling design for all sorts of studies and especially for environmental studies.

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